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BB Bounce has been in the making for a while now, slowly, taking shape and form.
About six years ago, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease.
With certain changes, my health improved but by moving to Busan, South Korea, life got a bit more difficult. In South Korea, gluten intolerance, coeliac disease is not common at all; it’s almost unheard of.
At first it was super scary to live there, not knowing what I can and cannot eat, what supplements to take, what spices to use, what skin care to choose.

So I travelled back to Sydney, Australia on (very) regular bases and took with me suitcases full of my trusted vitamins, protein powders, health and skin care products, sometimes even long life organic soy milk.
With time, I discovered that there was a growing need for organic, vegan, feel good, healthy products in Korea, that not only catered for intolerances but supported health and general wellbeing.

This is not to say that there weren’t any choices, but were either not readily available, too expensive or not as pure and lovely as I wanted them to be.
Besides, I was truly spoilt for choice in Australia so having limited options was hard to get used to.

Apart from making round trips between Sydney and Busan for my own health and wellbeing, I was now buying vitamins, supplements, food, for friends and family as well.

Suddenly I was buying things for everyone, I was sent images of exisiting supply levels, last minute requests, ‘Bea, we are running low on this, here is a picture, can you get it?’ Or, ‘that organic honey with the honey comb was just so lovely’, ‘Oh, you’re back in Australia, my cold sore is bothering me, can you get me more of that lip balm for it?’
I found out that my mother-in-law needed pure, clean, organic supplements for joint health, a friend was suffering from eczema, another friend needed natural anxiety relief and the list went on.

So ‘My BB Bounce’ was shaping and forming in the background.
Late last year, to start the conversation, I reached out to some companies and suppliers but I didn’t how to bring it all together from Busan.

Then, our world changed and as the virus spread around me in Korea, long before people paid serious attention to it here in Australia, I had to come back to Sydney.
The plan was to return in 5 days, but a passenger from my flight only fours rows in front of me was diagnosed with the Corona virus so I had to self quarantine.
With two weeks to spare, I got to work, dived into research, discovering some amazing products, contacted the brands that I already used and loved to see if they were interested in collaborating.
I am so grateful to the amazing people, brands and companies who were supportive of my idea, encouraged me and collaborated despite being just a ‘start up’ company.

This was over 2 months ago and with a lot of hard work, not much sleep and heaps of patience from my family, I bring you ‘My B B Bounce’.
An e-commerce retail site, a virtual health shop that will partner with you on your journey to a  healthier,  better, more active, balanced, harmonious & healthier life, no matter where you are in the world.


PS: I would love to say thank you to some of the awesome people, brands & companies that have collaborated with me and I look forward to bringing you more and more products along the way. Please know, I test, try & use almost every product and if I didn’t believe in them, I wouldn’t be offering them. It has been extra hard to source products due to the Corona virus pandemic, but I’m sharing with you what we have on stock and will continue replenishing as fast as possible whilst growing our range as well.

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  • Wow! Ever since the pandemic started, I’ve been searching for a place to source all my health and beauty needs. Was SO happy to find mybbounce… it’s such a beautiful sight and it’s obvious how much care has been put into creating this. Many thanks from my family to yours!

    Anna on

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