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Hello hello and lovely to meet you!

My name is Laura McLuckie, a broadcaster and wellness coach, originally from Scotland but now based in Busan, South Korea. I'm a mother of a 6 year old son (which keeps me on my toes) a morning show radio DJ, and graduate student of Wellness Tourism. I decided to double down on my own personal wellness training after my son was born and fast forward to today I am a certified mindfulness & meditation instructor, yoga instructor, nature therapy practitioner and a multitude of other mind/body/soul-feeding techniques.

I'm also the owner of WellMi Wellness Solutions, a boutique wellness company I run over here with my team of professional, excellent humans right here in the port city.

Let me first introduce a little about WellMi;

WellMi Wellness Solutions creates and delivers boutique corporate wellness programs & community wellness events. We're based in Busan, South Korea, but travel nationwide to serve clients all over the country.

We began in early 2017 as a volunteer wellness venture; a small community of wellness enthusiasts and practitioners who got together on Sundays to learn and share everything we knew. It was sharing minds and energy with others passionate about wellness.

Fast forward to today, we've transformed our humble community project into a vibrant company/community with expert trainers, corporate wellness workshops, wellness events & tour programs, and a growing list of corporate clients and community partners.

Most of all, we know the importance of great health, in all its forms and variations. Our mission (and passion) is to create and deliver wellness programs & experiences to boost our health, to encourage lifestyle transformation and to help us feel great.

We have teamed up with B B Bounce to bring you updates, tips, insight, wellness techniques and many more tidbits from the world of wellness. Whatever your own personal wellness journey looks like, we're excited to share a few steps with you here to help you make the most of your daily life.

I look forward to sharing some of what we do with you, and hopefully making a positive impact on your life! Get in touch anytime, and stay well <3


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